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Spectroscope with integrated camera

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This digital spectroscope was created specifically for teaching purposes to allow simultaneous visualisation by all students of the spectrum of any visible source.
It consists of a USB camera associated with a grating dispersive system to represent the spectrum from 380 nm to 700 nm with a resolution of 1.30 nm / pixel. All integrated in a robust and compact case for optimal use by students. The spectroscope comes with an aluminium tripod with a swivel head that allows you to orientate the spectroscope towards the source you wish to observe.
The software in French enables the simultaneous display on the screen of the real image of the source filmed by the camera (on the left of the screen) and the spectrum obtained in the form of a colour chart. It is also possible to display reference spectra such as the line spectra of sodium, mercury or other elements (large integrated library).
By default, the software configures the spectroscope completely automatically, but it is possible for advanced users to configure the spectroscope to suit them (camera parameters: exposure, gamma correction, etc., or the dispersion calibration of the spectroscope).

Spectroscope dimensions (excluding tripod): 7.5 x 4 x 2.5 cm
Compatibility: PC (Windows XP or later) or MacOS (El Capitan or later).